Residential/Home Business Pickup Process


Our Process at a Glance

1) When we receive a request for e-waste pickup, we will request adequate details about the items to be removed from the home.

2) If all items are approved, we will schedule a pickup that is convenient for the client.

3) When we arrive, we will document the Make, Model, and Serial number of all relevant items, along with accessory items that may not have serial numbers.

4) The client must review and sign the E-Waste Order before we will take any items.

5) Your E-Waste Assassin representative will ride in the truck with the equipment or follow the truck to our warehouse and processing center. At no time will the truck be parked or left unattended.

6) When the items arrive at our warehouse, they will be unloaded.

7) Items will be processed and any secondary devices, such as hard drives, will be documented.

8) The E-Waste Order and all secondary devices will be entered into a central database and the original E-Waste order will be scanned.

9) Any items that are to be re-marketed will be sold. E-Waste Assassin handles all re-marketing including packing and shipping.

10) Upon Request, E-Waste Assassin will provide copies of the signed E-Waste Order along with Data Destruction Certificates.


Why All the Paperwork?

Our process ensures that all items are accounted for before we leave the home. We are fanatical about maintaining records for all items so that our clients remain protected.  In addition, we strip all assets of all markings before they leave our warehouses for re-marketing or recycling. Therefore, clients should be very weary of companies that seek only to pick-up your items without a detailed process!